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Our team

"It is our belief, that there is no better and more effective instrument for gaining reciprocal education than working together."


(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

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Finas Gabloffsky.jpg

Dr. Joachim Gabloffsky

German CPA, Tax consultant, Study and doctoral degree of Economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

  • 7 years of occupational activity at a Big Four auditing company

  • since 1990 working as independent CPA and tax consultant

  • since 1997 managing director of Finas GmbH

  • registered Auditor of Quality control 2001- 2018

Finas Kubon.jpg

Frau Andrea Kubon

Manager of our office
Your contact person for informations or arrangement of appointments.

tel. +49-(0)89 12 71 15 10
fax. +49-(0)89 12 71 15 119

Finas Schöne.jpg

Dr. Wulf Schöne

Attorney, Tax consultant, Qualified Accountant Study and doctoral degree of Jurisprudence and Economics at Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich

  • Occupational activity at a medium-sized auditing and tax consulting company

  • since 1973 working as independent attorney and tax consultant

  • Founding director of Finas GmbH

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